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We offer a full programme of support for schools, enabling students to develop their work skills and teachers to deliver effective Work-Related Learning. Our products are designed to support:

  • Employer engagement activity
  • Work experience
  • In-class and extra-curricular work skills learning

We work with all stakeholders to create a ‘whole school’ approach, ensuring that learners develop the skills they need to progress successfully.

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Manage and evidence your entire work experience programme through a single platform:

  • Provides instant data on each student's work experience journey, including employer details, placement location and risk assessment information.
  • Supports students to prepare for and evidence their work experience, including smartphone-friendly journals that capture photo and video assets.
  • Automatically captures employer feedback against each learner.
  • Provides data to evidence the impact of your work experience programme.
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We support schools to build engaged and effective employer communities that remove the need to purchase expensive local work experience databases.

The Navigate Employer Community service provides:

  • The creation of a school Work-Related Learning ‘brand’ that employers are proud to be associated with.
  • A ‘ready-made’ bank of local employers who are committed to supporting your students develop their work skills.
  • Access to meaningful work experience placements for all students.
  • Full risk assessment and health and safety compliance in line with Government guidelines.
  • Additional employer-led activity, including talks, projects and mentoring.
  • A financial contribution from the employer community to support the school Work-Related Learning programme.
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Our on-site audit covers all areas required for an ‘outstanding work-related provision’. The audit is based on a framework which has been developed from our work with over 500 schools and colleges, covering 5 key themes:

  1. Strategy: For work-related learning, including written plans and KPIs.
  2. Employer Engagement: The employers and community organisations that support your programme.
  3. Learner Activity: The in-class and extra-curricular learning that your learners participate in to develop their work skills.
  4. Work Experience: The real-world experiences your learners have of the workplace. This can include placements, work shadowing and insight days.
  5. Evaluation: Measuring the impact of your provision and presenting data to Ofsted.

During the audit, we will speak to all key stakeholders before presenting a full report and action plan to support the development of outstanding Work-Related Learning in your school.

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