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We build partnerships with Local Authorities, funders and Government organisations to solve Work-Related Learning challenges.

Drawing on our experience of supporting thousands of learning providers across the UK, we are able to create cost-effective solutions that meet the need of all stakeholders.
These include:


Developing innovative online solutions to meet local, regional and national Work-Related Learning needs, including:


  • Engaging employability skills assessments configured to local skills needs
  • High-quality and engaging Work-Related Learning content
  • Innovative solutions for capturing student work skills development
  • Tech solutions for linking employers, educators and young people
  • Solutions to capture local and regional impact of Work-Related Learning interventions
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Planning and delivering high-impact events for educators and policy makers to develop Work-Related Learning practice, including:


  • Teacher and senior school leader CPD events
  • Local and regional Work-Related Learning events
  • Employer/educator co-training
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Working directly with educators, learners and other stakeholders to uncover the challenges associated with employability provision, including:

  • Impact measurement of local and regional Work-Related Learning interventions
  • Programme design
  • Opinion and research papers
  • Developing local and regional best practice
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