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  1. Our priority is not to simply get young people into work. Our Priority is to develop young people that have the motivation and skills to achieve their best possible career path.

  2. Work skills are best developed through practical experience, not classroom instruction.

  3. Careers advice is a vital part of framing and contextualising the journey, but it is the development of work skills that will ultimately determine success in the workplace. This distinction must be recognised by students and educators.

  4. Context is crucial - Experience and learning will only develop work skills when students understand the context.

  5. Young people must understand the vocabulary of work skills. Without this they cannot confidently discuss the skills they have developed.

  6. There is a moral imperative for employers to support the next generation of our workforce.

  7. In striving to achieve successful employer/education partnerships, the employer journey is as important as the student journey.

  8. Where there is a scarcity of resource, priority should be given to the students with the greatest need.

  9. It is essential that students can evidence work skills development through assessment and content. This will ensure they can confidently share their personal journey towards employability.

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